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Adrian Fitz-Alan

Adrian Fitz-Alan

Senior Executive and Lawyer

Adrian Fitz-Alan has 30 years experience as both a senior executive and lawyer across several multi-national entertainment companies in Australia, USA and the United Kingdom, in positions ranging from Chief of Staff/COO-equivalent responsibilities, through to General Counsel, as well as holding various senior corporate and peak-industry-body board positions. Other senior management positions included responsibilities for Business Affairs, Corporate Affairs, Corporate Operations and Digital Business.

Prior to his corporate experience, he spent 5 years at a leading entertainment and commercial law firm in Sydney. He studied law at the University of Sydney and University of London.

In addition to being co-principal and a founder of Adept Trade Group, Adrian is also principal and founder of the Antithesis. The Antithesis provides a range of practical business, management, advisory and general counsel services, with a focus on achieving commercial outcomes.

The firm services a diverse range of individual clients and businesses, ranging from multi-national companies, small to medium enterprises and start-ups, across a variety of sectors in IT, IP, media, entertainment and digital industries, through to record labels, music publishers, artist management groups, as well as individuals throughout the artistic/media community.

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