Julian Gyngell

Julian Gyngell

Corporate and Commercial Lawyer

Julian Gyngell is a corporate and commercial lawyer with dual legal qualifications and is admitted to practise in both Australia and England.

After graduating in 1984, Julian at first worked for ICL Computers PLC (now Fujitsu) in its Strategy and Technology division based in Putney, London where he was involved in analysing the (then) newly emerging software applications being developed for senior management.

Since moving into private practice in 1986 he has been a partner at top-tier law firms in Sydney, London and Hong Kong and has specialised in working with companies in the IP-rich, creative industry sectors. His clients are start-ups, SMEs, and multi-nationals.

While with Bird & Bird in London (1990 – 2002), his practice included projects throughout Europe and the Middle East, while a secondment to Hong Kong involved working with clients in the ASEAN region.

After 13 years in London he returned to Sydney in 2003 to establish his own firm Kepdowrie Chambers and his clients welcome the fact that he brings the experience to manage the various commercial, legal, regulatory and cultural aspects of their corporate transactions.

Relevantly, he is also a member of the DIT’s UK Investment Support Directory and the British Business Network (BBN), through which he can access valuable contacts and know how.